It’s hurricane season; better prepare for another grid blackout

As the Atlantic hurricane season approaches its crescendo, the US government warns people to prepare for blackouts. The vast majority of people who are affected by hurricanes are affected by a blackout because the fragile grid infrastructure fails. A simple tree branch can knock people off the grid for days and they quickly have to revert to primitive camping survival skills or hope their fossil fuel generators’ fuel supply lasts long enough.

Wouldn’t it be better if you never had to worry about a blackout? This is possible when every building generates its own on-site power. Independent Energy LLC has discovered a new way to generate on-site electricity that is better in any comparison category than power from the grid or any other process. It will allow for independent generation of electricity that is emissions free. We are looking for a critical thinking visionary; to make us answer the tough questions and then help us bring this technology to the marketplace. In the mean time, you better prepare, our fragile fossil fuel powered grid is subject to a host of man-made and natural disruptions.

The fragile grid can fail when a few tree branches fall.

The fragile grid can fail when a few tree branches fall.


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