The Conservation of Energy… a new perspective


The conservation of energy principle defined by the first law of thermodynamics says that when all of the fuel’s energy is released in a process it doesn’t disappear. The total quantity of energy stays the same and must be accounted for.

FOSSIL FUEL GENERATORS: In the case of the fossil fuel generator (illustration shown below) the fuel’s energy is released by burning it in the engine’s cylinders… it doesn’t disappear, it either becomes thermal energy (heat) or mechanical energy (work).

For every 100 units of fuel energy that is burned in the engine a hundred units of converted energy has to end up somewhere. It doesn’t disappear. The total mechanical and thermal energy (heat) must equal the energy available in the input (or 100%.)

Conservation of Energy Equation: In the fossil fuel generator 36% of the available energy is lost to radiator heat, 38% is lost to exhaust heat and 6% to friction and other losses, 20% is available as the output. 36 + 38 + 6 + 20 = 100. The system is balanced at 100%.

Fact: In conventional motors or generators, they operate from a central point and turn the perimeter providing a mechanical disadvantage. 

Fact: In conventional motors or generators; for every 2x increase in RPM requires 4x the energy input.

The energy within the P6G system must also be balanced, and is why it conforms to the laws of conservation of energy. However, it is not a thermodynamic system, meaning no heat or changes in pressure or temperature are part of the process and it utilizes a new method with an internal input component that must be included in the input calculation. As this process is not thermodynamic, and is not a closed system the laws of thermodynamics do not apply in their entirety. This process is brand new and does not exist in any other technology anywhere. No other technology requires the consideration of an internal energy input component as the P6G does.

Our system utilizes external electrical energy to create mechanical motion within a nearly frictionless environment. When the system starts it uses 100% of the driving energy from the external battery and by using a highly efficient pulsed magnetic drive system driven from the outside perimeter taking advantage of mechanical advantage it can increase RPM’s using less energy than traditional processes. As RPM’s increase the quantity of centrifugal force on our rotating mass increases. Fact: In any rotating system, for every 2x RPM’s, the centrifugal force is increased by 4x (geometric progression). Built within our rotating mass, is a new technology that reacts to the effects of centrifugal force. The reaction is used to assist in the rotation of the mass. The more centrifugal force there is, the more reaction there is (up to a certain limit). By adding the effects of internal centrifugal force into the equation either the RPM’s will increase further or to maintain the same RPM, the external input will need to be reduced. Our system will use sensors and computers to monitor the quantity of reaction to the centrifugal force being utilized and will adjust (reduce) an equal quantity of energy from the battery to maintain a predetermined RPM. Torque will remain consistently high.

Our claim: Our technology is configured differently than conventional motors and generators; it operates from the outside perimeter to turn the center providing a mechanical advantage.

Our claim: In our system for every 2x increase in RPM’s it requires only 2x the energy input.

Conservation of Energy Equation: At RPM, our system will use 5% from the battery, 90% from the reactive effects of centrifugal force and 5% will be lost. 5 + 90 + 5 = 100. The system is balanced at 100%.

The ability to use the effects of centrifugal force, enabling an equal reduction of external input, is the goal and key aspect of our proof-of-concept initiative. The proof of concept will prove the effects of centrifugal force can be used as an additional input and needs to be included in the conservation of energy equation.


Three Danbury, Connecticut (USA) area actors will appear in a Kickstarter crowd funding video promoting a new, disruptive green-energy technology.


Independent Energy, LLC; lead by Brookfield, Connecticut resident, Fred Ball, has filmed the first part of the company’s upcoming Kickstarter crowd funding video on the stage of Western Connecticut State University ( featuring three local actors: Brookfield’s Marissa Detlor, Danbury’s Mike Armstrong, and Brookfield’s Andrew Manning.

Independent Energy (IE) is developing a new, disruptive green-energy technology that they say will change everything about how the world creates, distributes and consumes energy while it serves as a complete, viable and practical substitute for fossil fuel and nuclear power generation. Independent Energy says their technology will also enable a new type of non fossil-fuel, all-electric hybrid electric vehicle to significantly outperform any competitor of any fuel source.

The first part of their crowd-funding video is set in the spirit of the “Mac vs PC” TV commercials but instead of the cool guy (Mac) versus the nerd guy (PC), IE’s characters are “Fossil Fuel” played by Mike Armstrong and “Nuclear Power” played by Andrew Manning versus IE’s technology “P6G” played by Marissa Detlor. The characters debate the benefits of the world’s use of fossil fuel and nuclear power but in the end fossil fuel and nuclear power lose the debate and walk off the stage in shame… fossil fuel is scolded for leaving behind, what else: his dirty carbon footprints.

Kickstarter is a funding source for everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Kickstarter is full of projects, big and small, that are brought to life through the direct support of public contributions. Kickstarter project creators set a funding goal and deadline. If people like a project, they can pledge money to make it happen. Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing — projects must reach their funding goals to receive any money.

IE plans to use the Kickstarter funds to build a proof-of-concept device of their revolutionary new technology. The proof-of-concept device will not be a fully functioning generator but will enable data analysis of their new, key aspect. IE claims their technology is able to utilize the multiplying effects of centripetal acceleration to help operate the device while allowing a corresponding reduction of external input. In other words… their device will use significantly less energy to generate the same amount of electricity as compared to traditional type generators and instead of a using fossil fuel, their generator operates off energy collected and stored from solar and wind. If their technology works, it will create a new hybrid system that increases the efficiency of rooftop solar and small wind turbines to a level that will enable every building to operate 100% of the time, independent, without any connection to or reliance on the fossil-fuel power grid. This will allow homeowners the option to consume as much electricity as they want, while they completely eliminate any utility bill. IE estimates the first residential production unit will generate 30kW continuous, more than the typical home requires. Larger units can be constructed for commercial and industrial applications. As the originating energy source of the system is free sunlight and wind they consider the system to operate cost free.

To ensure a fair, impartial and credible analysis, IE is working with The University of Connecticut Center for Clean Energy Engineering ( to operate, collect data and analyze the results of operating the proof of concept device.

Brookfield’s Marissa Detlor (“P6G”) is a singer-songwriter who won Danbury’s “The Voice” and “Bethel’s Got Talent”, was featured in Samantha Cole’s Showcase at NYC’s The Bitter End, and sang for Brookfield’s “‘Tis the Season”, the Danbury Westerners, and New Milford Village Center for the Arts “Night Under the Stars.” She recently starred in the Rachini Productions film “The Long Run,” and in BHS Longmeadow Players musicals was the voice of the plant in Little Shop of Horrors, Mother Abbess in the Sound of Music, and Agatha Abernathy in ”Guys and Dolls”. She works as a vocalist with Band of New York.

Danbury’s Mike Armstrong (“Fossil Fuel”) is a recent addition to the Danbury theater scene, having played, among several ensemble roles, Big Jule in Guys and Dolls and the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz, both Musicals at Richter productions. He is also the Voice of the Western Connecticut Militia, a minor league football team, and the former PA Announcer for the Danbury Whalers, a minor league hockey team. Other previous appearances include solo singing for local churches and the Star Spangled Banner at various sports events. Mike currently serves on the Board of Directors for Musicals at Richter.

Brookfield’s Andrew Manning (“Nuclear Power”) is an actor who has performed with Longmeadow Hill Curtain Players (Brookfield) and Musicals at Richter (Danbury), and performs Improve Comedy in a variety of locations.

Independent Energy, LLC, was formed in 2009 as a South Carolina company with the sole purpose of furthering the technology of capitalizing on the mechanical advantage extracted from centrifugal force. IE possesses the experience, knowledge and determination to use this technology to create new sources of useable electric energy. Independent Energy and its principals are dedicated to using these discoveries to promote a clean and efficient alternative to today’s antiquated energy producing designs and equipment. @IEnergyLLC

Cool Inventions Radio – New Disruptive Technology: The P6G Smart/Motor Generator™

Fred Ball, President of Independent Energy LLC (IE, LLC) is appearing Tuesday, December 2, 2014 on the “My Cool Inventions Radio” show to pitch the P6G Smart/Motor Generator™ and discuss their February 2015 crowd funding campaign (Kickstarter) to finance a proof of concept device. IE, LLC hopes you’ll listen to the show and vote for his pitch with a “thumbs up”!MCIBanner_Main_Revised

The P6G project will change everything about how the world creates, distributes and consumes energy; a viable and practical substitute for fossil fuel that will also enable a new type of non fossil-fuel electric hybrid EV to significantly outperform any competitor of any fuel source.

Although IE, LLC feels they have sufficient empirical and mathematical analysis to prove the technology will be successful, they don’t expect anyone to simply take our word for it, they will prove it. IE, LLC is preparing to build a proof of concept device of a new provisionally patented, green-energy technology that is an electro-mechanical generator designed to work with existing battery technology to make a new hybrid system that will outperform fossil fuel or fossil fuel hybrid vehicles and fossil fuel or nuclear power generation.

Their plan is to launch a Kickstarter campaign February 2015 to raise the funds to build a proof of concept device. They will be setting the crowd-funding goal in the $100,000 (US Dollar) range.

The proof-of-concept device will not be a fully functioning generator but will enable data analysis of the new, key aspect. The key aspect is the ability to utilize the multiplying effects of centripetal acceleration to help operate the device and allows a corresponding reduction of external input while the device maintains torque. The data collected from testing the device will be used to secure venture capital to fund their 10-year business plan.

To ensure a fair, credible and independent analys IE, LLC has reached an agreement in principle with a highly respected, accredited university within the state of Connecticut to collect data and analyze the results of the prototype.

IE, LLC’s hope is that when the Kickstarter campaign is launched, people would support their campaign but would also would share the link to the campaign within their own social network. (February 2015 – The goal is not to ask for a large sum from a few people but instead ask for a small sum from a large group of people. It is anticipated the campaign to launch February 2015.

See for a link to the Dec 2, 2014 broadcast.

It’s hurricane season; better prepare for another grid blackout

As the Atlantic hurricane season approaches its crescendo, the US government warns people to prepare for blackouts. The vast majority of people who are affected by hurricanes are affected by a blackout because the fragile grid infrastructure fails. A simple tree branch can knock people off the grid for days and they quickly have to revert to primitive camping survival skills or hope their fossil fuel generators’ fuel supply lasts long enough.

Wouldn’t it be better if you never had to worry about a blackout? This is possible when every building generates its own on-site power. Independent Energy LLC has discovered a new way to generate on-site electricity that is better in any comparison category than power from the grid or any other process. It will allow for independent generation of electricity that is emissions free. We are looking for a critical thinking visionary; to make us answer the tough questions and then help us bring this technology to the marketplace. In the mean time, you better prepare, our fragile fossil fuel powered grid is subject to a host of man-made and natural disruptions.

The fragile grid can fail when a few tree branches fall.

The fragile grid can fail when a few tree branches fall.

While you drive your fossil-fuel grid charged Tesla and debate climate change, 4,000 women and children died because they didn’t have access to electricity

Is it likely that the energy generation methodology created in the 1800’s is what we should be using in the 21st century and beyond? If we don’t change to something better now, then when will we? Many people have realized energy for tomorrow will have to be different and the time to change is now.

This especially true if you consider what the World Bank says; “Over 1.2 billion people – 20% of the world’s population are still without access to electricity worldwide, almost all of whom live in developing countries. About 2.8 billion people use solid fuels—wood, charcoal, coal and dung—for cooking and heating. Every year fumes and smoke from open cooking fires kill approximately 1.5 million people mostly women and children, from emphysema and other respiratory diseases.”

Can industrialized nations expand their economic growth with an associated increase in energy consumption while we also provide access to electricity for the first time to a billion or more people? Can all this happen while we eliminate any impact on the environment? The answer is yes, but this can only happen when we start to “think outside the 1800’s thermodynamics box™”.

Independent Energy’s new high-tech discovery of how to use centripetal acceleration to enable centripetal force to become a “fuel”, is quite significant. We are looking for a critical thinking visionary who would like to leave the legacy of creating the 2nd industrial revolution, creating economic growth and jobs to billions, providing access to electricity to billions of people for the time ever and literally saving the lives of 1.5 million people or more per year.  You might have the time and luxury to debate climate change but for 4,000 people every day, their time has run out. We have the answer and the time for change is now.

cooking fires kill approximately 1.5 million people mostly women and children, from emphysema and other respiratory diseases.

Cooking fires kill approximately 1.5 million people mostly women and children, from emphysema and other respiratory diseases every year.

Common Ground for Both Sides of Climate Change

There is an opportunity for both sides of the climate change argument to meet on common ground. One side wants man-made carbon emissions to be stopped, the other side wants inexpensive, plentiful energy available to power a growing economy and allow for an increase everyone’s lifestyle.

Today’s energy is based on thermodynamic methods and principles that were first conceived in the 1800’s. What is ironic is that we have the perception of living in such a high tech world when the method we use to generate energy has not really changed since the 1800’s. Our current power-grid infrastructure, regardless of whether it is powered by fossil fuel or green-energy or any combination thereof is one downed power line away from a widespread black-outs and chaos. Not too high-tech.

Both sides could agree that fossil fuel thermodynamics is not a high-tech solution that matches our perception of a high-tech world. Both sides could agree that fossil fuel is not inexpensive. Both sides could agree fossil fuel is not efficient. Both sides could agree fossil fuel is not renewable. (nor unlimited). Both sides could agree that current green-energy is not a viable interchangeable substitute for fossil fuel.

With all this agreement, instead of arguing about causes of climate change or how to punish fossil fuel why can’t both sides work together on a positive solution that will satisfy both sides of the aisle? Is that possible?

The common-ground solution won’t be brought into existence with legislation; tax incentives, tax subsidies or tax penalties such as a carbon tax. The solution will be technology based that will only come from thinking differently. If a technology was conceived that had no carbon emissions and worked better than fossil fuel: lower priced, plentiful, renewable, scalable, portable, more reliable then you’d hope both sides could come together and work to make this technology a reality. It would solve both the man-made climate change dilemma as well as it would provide the means for the economy to flourish like it did during the first coal-powered industrial revolution when energy was inexpensive and abundant.

Independent Energy, LLC has conceived a new method for generating energy that can satisfy everyone. It is a new, computerized, high-tech solution that is much different than the methods the world has been used to using.

We are looking for a critical thinking visionary who is interested in solving the problem instead of arguing about it.


Five Reasons Why Electric Vehicles won’t Replace Fossil Fuel Vehicles.

Why aren’t electric vehicles likely to replace the fossil-fuel internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle? There are significant challenges that current EV technology needs to overcome to provide a competitive advantage over the fossil fuel internal combustion engine. Here are the major ones:

1. Range:

Problem: The typical pure EV that will compete with a fossil fuel vehicle will need to be capable of a single charge range that exceeds 500 miles.

Solution: Develop an EV with single charge range approaching 1,000 miles between charges.


2. Use of Accessories:

Problem: Consumers expect greater than ICE range while utilizing cabin heat in cold weather, air conditioning in hot weather, wipers in the rain, lights at night, GPS, radio, computers, and other entertainment all the time.

Solution: Develop an on-board power generation technology that even with full use of accessories, range will still greatly exceed the best in class ICE vehicle.


3. Off-Grid Green Recharging:

Problem: One implied benefit of an EV is that it significantly reduces reliance on fossil fuel and fossil fuel power plants. Today, this is not the case and 100% green energy recharging is not yet practical. The EV today relies on the grid and the grid relies on fossil fuels. See (five challenges to replacing the fossil fuel grid)


Solution: Develop a technology that enables small scale, 100% off-grid, green energy recharging capability, regardless if it is night or if the wind is calm.


4. Charging Time:

Problem:It takes too long to recharge batteries compared to filling up at the pump.

Solution: Instead of trying to refuel as often as an ICE vehicle develop a technology where range is so much more improved over an ICE vehicle that recharging is significantly less frequent than ICE vehicles. Charge time concerns are diminished.

5. En-route Replenishment:

Problem: The infrastructure for recharging facilities is growing enabling cross-country trips on key routes to be more practical. However, the inconvenience factor of having to wait to recharge still exists as compared to the relatively quick fossil fuel fill up time.

Solution: Develop a technology that is so much more efficient it requires far less required stopping to “refuel” as compared to an ICE vehicle.

Is there a technology to make all these solutions possible?

Yes. As we know, electricity and electrical motors are about 3x more efficient as compared to internal combustion engine to begin with. What if we could use electricity as the fuel to make more electricity? Wait, doesn’t that violate the Laws of Thermodynamics (Conservation of Energy)? Answer: Yes, but only if you are using a thermodynamic process. Instead, don’t use a thermodynamic process and operate in a nearly frictionless environment. Use a small amount of electricity to multiply the effects of centrifugal force. Figure out a way to redirect the multiplying effect of centrifugal force to help make the device operate. When the device is driven primarily via centrifugal force and only a trickle amount from the battery you can significantly reduce the amount of “electrical fuel” required from the battery. Use a computer to control and manage demand load versus centrifugal force creation, generation and draw off of the battery. Bonus range: use trickle charging techniques while the vehicle is being used; regenerative braking and small vehicle mounted solar to further increase range and/or time between charging. Trickle draw, off the battery, allows more opportunity for trickle recharging replenishment.

The result: EV range is significantly increased, power is available for accessories, off-grid recharging becomes practical, frequency of recharging is reduced, trickle charging of the battery can potentially keep the vehicle operating off-grid and untethered to recharging for far longer durations of time. These solutions will give the EV a significant competitive advantage over any fossil fuel ICE vehicle.

We know how to do this. We are looking for a critical thinking visionary not afraid to venture beyond what conventional wisdom has set as the boundaries


Five reasons why green energy won’t replace the fossil-fuel powered grid

Aren’t green technologies the solution to replacing the fossil-fuel powered grid? There are significant challenges that current green energy needs to overcome to provide a competitive advantage over the fossil fuel powered grid;

1.) Performance: Green energy simply does not outperform traditional grid energy generation methods. Half the time it is night and often the wind is calm. Even with conservation and improvements in usage efficiency the lack of green energy’s performance with its inconsistent reliability make green energy mere supplements to the traditional power grid.

2.) Size: In order to produce a competitive level of energy, a solar array or wind turbine needs to be quite large. Large solar arrays and large wind turbines are not practical everywhere.

3.) Storage: Saving green-energy for use at night or when the wind is calm is not yet practical. Small-scale storage is often adequate but not so in large-scale applications.

4.) Centralization: Are large, centralized, generation locations better? Distant wind farms or large solar array installations that send energy over a fragile network are subject to man-made and natural disruptions. The cost of maintaining this infrastructure is significant.

5.) Fluctuation of supply and demand: The grid often has excess supply or excess demand and the two are difficult to properly balance. Many have suggested that smart-grids are the answer to try to balance supply and demand. Smart-grids are an improvement but the probability of peak demand and peak green-energy generation occurring simultaneously are low and is not a sustainable solution when the goal is fossil fuel replacement.

The good news; green-energy’s five challenges can be overcome. Imagine if each user was off the grid, could increase their consumption and could generate on-site, abundant clean energy in exactly the quantity they need, when they need it, in the night or on calm days. No wasted surplus, no shortages, no chance of widespread disruptions with an overall more efficient system that eliminates energy’s impact on the environment. Independent Energy’s P6G overcomes all of the challenges now facing green-energy.

We are looking for a critical thinking visionary not afraid to venture beyond what conventional wisdom has set as the boundaries.


Connecting the dots of green-energy takes critical thinking that is “outside the thermodynamics box” ™

Independent Energy has discovered a new method of energy generation that will outperform fossil fuels. Looking for critical thinkers who want to join us in changing how the world creates, distributes and consumes energy.

Carbon Emission Elimination – Why We Need to Look at New Ideas

The world won’t ever find a permanent, sustainable solution to the problems with carbon emissions if they accept the idea that we have already found the solution. All the solutions we have today only mitigate the problem and include the premise that we use too much energy. The solution we need to continue to look for will work better than fossil fuel in every comparison category. It needs to be cheaper, more reliable, more portable and more scalable than fossil fuel with zero emissions at the tailpipe or at any point in its creation. The better solution won’t contain the premise that mandates us to use less, to sacrifice or cut back on usage. Instead, a better solution will allow for an increase and expansion of energy consumption. An abundance of zero emission, green energy will enable industrialized nations to expand their economies and will enable hundreds of millions to increase their lifestyle with access to energy for the first time. When a proposed solution has the potential to so positively disrupt the current status quo, it is something that should be looked at. If a technology can do this, its acceptance by the market will be swift without the need for incentives, subsidies or any artificial interference. 

I realize that it takes an investment of time to properly evaluate any inventor’s claims. Time is of course money.  However, even it takes 10,000 attempts, the effort is not a failure if one way that will work is discovered. As Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  

The opportunity exists for a high-net worth visionary to discover the solution that will eliminate carbon emissions completely. This visionary could form a group of critical thinking gatekeepers who embrace concepts that question our basic assumptions of how and why we create, distribute and consume energy, who won’t let their education, pride or ego prevent them from being open to new ideas. Then when an idea with potential is discovered, this visionary will have the opportunity to change the world. Until someone is willing to look at 10,000 or more ideas that don’t work… we will likely never discover the one(s) that will. 

Are there diamonds in-the-rough out there? I can’t vouch for anyone else’s technology but I personally know that Independent Energy’s would be easy to evaluate and does have the potential to change everything. It is a diamond in-the-rough, potentially the gem that with a little polish, will improve the lives of billions.