Energy Efficiency

88% of the power generated in the United States comes from coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants. The combined weighted efficiencies of these power plants is less than 48%. That means that for every 100 units of energy consumed to make electricity 48 units are converted and 52 units are wasted.

This level of waste is unacceptable and it is not sustainable solution to our environmental challenges. Solar panels and wind turbines are a step in the right direction however the problem is that in order to create enough energy  you need an extraordinarily large solar array or extraordinarily large wind turbine. These are not particularly well suited or practical as a replacement to fossil fuel power plants. What happens when it’s cloudy? What happens when the wind is calm?  Independent Energy LLC, has a solution that will enable 100% off-grid, power  24/7 even when it is cloudy or when the wind is calm. An advanced smart motor-generator system operates from a battery but at such high levels of efficiency it draws far less energy from the battery allowing more time for the battery to be recharged from a smaller solar array and small wind turbine. This technological advancement will enable the typical home to generate all of the power it requirements from a small rooftop solar array and small wind turbine operating 24/7 off the grid with zero emissions.