Independent Energy LLC is an early start-up company incorporated in the state of South Carolina with primary operations in Connecticut, New York and Florida. Independent Energy has a patent-pending new technology that is looking for manufacturing partners to assist in bringing the technology to the marketplace.

Independent Energy has a diverse team from a wide variety of backgrounds, experience and practical knowledge. Our team of professionals, consultants and contributors include those from academia (PhD’s in Physics and MBA’s) and engineers with practical industrial experience who have and designed and built high performance race car engines (setting multiple world records), submarines, fuel cells, coal, nuclear and natural gas power plants, satellite gyroscopic navigational systems and a wide variety of consumer products. Bringing these creative individuals together has enabled the team to question the basic assumptions of traditional power generation and has allowed them to create a new method which is truly the quintessential ideal of “thinking outside the box”.

Independent Energy’s technology will significantly improve the range and fuel economy of hybrid and pure electric vehicles, and will drastically improve the efficiency output of fuel cell, solar and wind generators enabling these technologies to be a more reliable source than traditional grid, fossil fuel or any other thermodynamic method for direct and independent clean energy for homes and industrial applications.


Contact: fball(at)IndependentEnergyLLC(dot)com

Web site: http://www.IndependentEnergyLLC.com


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