It’s hurricane season; better prepare for another grid blackout

As the Atlantic hurricane season approaches its crescendo, the US government warns people to prepare for blackouts. The vast majority of people who are affected by hurricanes are affected by a blackout because the fragile grid infrastructure fails. A simple tree branch can knock people off the grid for days and they quickly have to revert to primitive camping survival skills or hope their fossil fuel generators’ fuel supply lasts long enough.

Wouldn’t it be better if you never had to worry about a blackout? This is possible when every building generates its own on-site power. Independent Energy LLC has discovered a new way to generate on-site electricity that is better in any comparison category than power from the grid or any other process. It will allow for independent generation of electricity that is emissions free. We are looking for a critical thinking visionary; to make us answer the tough questions and then help us bring this technology to the marketplace. In the mean time, you better prepare, our fragile fossil fuel powered grid is subject to a host of man-made and natural disruptions.

The fragile grid can fail when a few tree branches fall.

The fragile grid can fail when a few tree branches fall.


Common Ground for Both Sides of Climate Change

There is an opportunity for both sides of the climate change argument to meet on common ground. One side wants man-made carbon emissions to be stopped, the other side wants inexpensive, plentiful energy available to power a growing economy and allow for an increase everyone’s lifestyle.

Today’s energy is based on thermodynamic methods and principles that were first conceived in the 1800’s. What is ironic is that we have the perception of living in such a high tech world when the method we use to generate energy has not really changed since the 1800’s. Our current power-grid infrastructure, regardless of whether it is powered by fossil fuel or green-energy or any combination thereof is one downed power line away from a widespread black-outs and chaos. Not too high-tech.

Both sides could agree that fossil fuel thermodynamics is not a high-tech solution that matches our perception of a high-tech world. Both sides could agree that fossil fuel is not inexpensive. Both sides could agree fossil fuel is not efficient. Both sides could agree fossil fuel is not renewable. (nor unlimited). Both sides could agree that current green-energy is not a viable interchangeable substitute for fossil fuel.

With all this agreement, instead of arguing about causes of climate change or how to punish fossil fuel why can’t both sides work together on a positive solution that will satisfy both sides of the aisle? Is that possible?

The common-ground solution won’t be brought into existence with legislation; tax incentives, tax subsidies or tax penalties such as a carbon tax. The solution will be technology based that will only come from thinking differently. If a technology was conceived that had no carbon emissions and worked better than fossil fuel: lower priced, plentiful, renewable, scalable, portable, more reliable then you’d hope both sides could come together and work to make this technology a reality. It would solve both the man-made climate change dilemma as well as it would provide the means for the economy to flourish like it did during the first coal-powered industrial revolution when energy was inexpensive and abundant.

Independent Energy, LLC has conceived a new method for generating energy that can satisfy everyone. It is a new, computerized, high-tech solution that is much different than the methods the world has been used to using.

We are looking for a critical thinking visionary who is interested in solving the problem instead of arguing about it.


Five reasons why green energy won’t replace the fossil-fuel powered grid

Aren’t green technologies the solution to replacing the fossil-fuel powered grid? There are significant challenges that current green energy needs to overcome to provide a competitive advantage over the fossil fuel powered grid;

1.) Performance: Green energy simply does not outperform traditional grid energy generation methods. Half the time it is night and often the wind is calm. Even with conservation and improvements in usage efficiency the lack of green energy’s performance with its inconsistent reliability make green energy mere supplements to the traditional power grid.

2.) Size: In order to produce a competitive level of energy, a solar array or wind turbine needs to be quite large. Large solar arrays and large wind turbines are not practical everywhere.

3.) Storage: Saving green-energy for use at night or when the wind is calm is not yet practical. Small-scale storage is often adequate but not so in large-scale applications.

4.) Centralization: Are large, centralized, generation locations better? Distant wind farms or large solar array installations that send energy over a fragile network are subject to man-made and natural disruptions. The cost of maintaining this infrastructure is significant.

5.) Fluctuation of supply and demand: The grid often has excess supply or excess demand and the two are difficult to properly balance. Many have suggested that smart-grids are the answer to try to balance supply and demand. Smart-grids are an improvement but the probability of peak demand and peak green-energy generation occurring simultaneously are low and is not a sustainable solution when the goal is fossil fuel replacement.

The good news; green-energy’s five challenges can be overcome. Imagine if each user was off the grid, could increase their consumption and could generate on-site, abundant clean energy in exactly the quantity they need, when they need it, in the night or on calm days. No wasted surplus, no shortages, no chance of widespread disruptions with an overall more efficient system that eliminates energy’s impact on the environment. Independent Energy’s P6G overcomes all of the challenges now facing green-energy.

We are looking for a critical thinking visionary not afraid to venture beyond what conventional wisdom has set as the boundaries.